British Food Fortnight Q&A with Giles Moody, Mighty Small Online Supermarket.

Written by Food Exchange Team
September 26, 2020

To celebrate British Food Fortnight, we spoke to Giles Moody, Business Manager at Mighty Small.

Mighty Small is an online supermarket selling exciting food & drink products from British challenger brands. Mighty Small gives hundreds of small businesses a powerful platform to reach a wide audience.

(Image: Giles Moody and brand founders).

Customers can enjoy a wide range of snacks, treats, drinks and other utterly delicious cupboard foods. 

Buy in bulk, by subscription, gift someone special, or order what you like! By shopping there, people are supporting the businesses of tomorrow, one bite at a time.

(Image: Chris Eyitayo, Challenger Brand Talent Manger).

Why should the food service industry and the public buy British?

“The British food industry has been through an unprecedented year with Brexit and COVID. A sector that leads the way in global innovation and quality, and that brings so much pride and value to the British economy is currently under threat from all angles.

Start-up food brands in the UK are world-leading, providing new and exciting tastes and formats that ensure we are always enjoying the most delicious food that is also increasingly healthy for us and good for the world. They are driving progress for us all and that’s why it is so important to champion them and support them in their mission."

(Image: Thinking of You Bundle, Mighty Small).

What incredible British brands do you have right now, hot off the press at Mighty Small?

Mighty Small has over 60 innovative British start-up brands, offering exciting products to shake up and challenge some dry, dull categories.

The Artful Baker offer uniquely flavoured small-batch Italian Biscotti, hand crafted by bakers in Dorset, and are on a mission to prove that biscotti doesn’t have to be boring. Their flavours come in a range of sweet or savoury options, such as Raspberry & White Chocolate, or Sweet Thai Chilli & Lime.

Dalston’s Soda Co., a growing craft soda brand, originates from London’s Hackney and is proving incredibly popular across the UK. Their Seltzers in both Elderflower and Rhubarb flavours are an enticing alternative to alcohol, and they use real fruit and nothing artificial in their drinks.

Dr Will’s is challenging the condiments market with a focus on healthy, natural ingredients, from tomatoes and avocados to free range eggs and apple cider vinegar. Produced in the UK, Dr Wills was started in 2015 by real life doctor, Dr. Will. A real doctor who really loves food.

Black Bee Honey, an award-winning range of British honey, has antimicrobial properties that rival that of Manuka honey, which can sell for more than £100 per 250g!

Plus, the brand was named after the British honeybee, which after nearly dying out, is slowly making a comeback, in part thanks to their support for both their bees and keepers.”

(Image: meet the makers behind Mighty Small's products).

Tell us a great fact about your business.

“We are only 6 months old, having launched in the middle of lockdown! In this time, we have shipped products to more than 12 countries.

Mighty Small is the consumer facing side of Young Foodies, an organisation that accelerates FMCG challenger brands, offering their community members business advice and resources. We are currently accepting new members to help them thrive."

Have you seen an increase in the sales of British products?

“We’ve seen an amazing response from customers looking to buy our range of products. For our corporate orders, for example sending 50+ boxes to employees working from home, we’ve had real interest in customers wanting to support small, British businesses, and hence why they wanted to use Mighty Small to treat and reward their teams!”

(Image: Theadora Alexander and Chris Green, founders of Young Foodies & Mighty Small).

In regard to British products and sustainability, can you give an example of how your company is sustainable?

“At Mighty Small, we use fully recyclable packaging for our boxes and the filling inside them, and we include sustainability criteria when selecting brands to list on Mighty Small. We also work closely with our warehouse team and the brands to coordinate any stock reaching its expiry date to ensure as much is put to good use or donated as possible.

Our brands are also very concerned with sustainability, and luckily, they are in a much stronger position that larger brands to bring some truly sustainable alternatives to customers. For example, by choosing snacks made from chickpeas and peas, such as those from BRAVE, customers are able to support and buy from low-carbon British sources of protein. Plus, they're a much healthier alternative to traditional crisps.”

(Image: Better Kids Snack Box Bundle).

Can you give us information about one or two British artisan products and the producers behind them?

“The range of prebiotic granolas from Bio&Me have a strong science-backed background, having been developed by Dr Megan Rossi. Her gut-friendly granolas provide some much-needed fibre through nuts and seeds, feeding the gut microbiota and keeping it healthy.

Another British brand with strong ethics throughout their business are Seed & Bean. Their artisan small-batch chocolate boasts exciting flavours; these are not the standard flavours you’d normally see - they’re much more innovative. Plus, all their chocolate is handmade, organic, Fairtrade, and their packaging is fully compostable.”

Mighty Small are part of the Food Exchange Community at New Covent Garden Market. Get in touch to learn more about available studios and facilities.

Images owned by Mighty Small. Seek permission to use/regram.

Author: Meg Morrison

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